Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reuse, Recycle, REVIVE

In fashion,” Green is the new Black.”  This year’s Fashion Promotion Class promoted the Green Theme  in its second annual Eco-Friendly Fashion show, Reuse, Recycle, REVIVE.  The show was the highlight of Ashland University’s Earth Week 2011.  Over 400 people were in attendance.

Craig Hadsell with his dress model
It was directed by Fashion Merchandising majors Lauren Schweitzer and Craig Hadsell. 

The show featured a Design Competition which exhibited creative and carefully crafted designs by Fashion Merchandising students.  The garments were required to be made of reused or recycled materials.  Thirty-three interesting designs were submitted made from such things as coffee filters, trash bags, newspaper, and old graduation gowns.  The Design Competition winners included:
Young Designer Award:  7 year old Lillian Grose for her design using recycled garments “Fashion Fool”
Honorable Mention:  Craig Hadsell, for his design using a recycled gown “Sexy in  
"Flowers In Bloom" Dress
the City” (pictured left)
3rd Place:  Erin Alleman, for her garment covered in recycled artificial flowers ”In Bloom”

2nd Place:  Hannah Brown, for her cocktail dress made of recycled Victoria’s Secret bags  “Victoria’s Secret is out”

"Victoria's Secret is Out" Dress

1st Place:  Meredith Parker, for her strapless dress  made of coconut fiber “Nature’s Awakening”

"Nature's Awakening" Dress

Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 FCS Graduates
FCS Graduating Seniors at the Student Recognition Reception on March 29, 2011

Congratulations to the nineteen FCS majors who graduated from Ashland University on May 7, 2011. 

Dr. Cindy Moseman and Dr. Jackie Wilkins with
Child and Family Studies graduates
Dr. Nancy Morris with Fashion Merchandising graduates

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Life Education Program Presentations

Family life education focuses on teaching the skills and knowledge needed for healthy functioning:  strong communication skills, knowledge of typical human development, good decision-making skills, positive self-esteem, and healthy interpersonal relationships.  The goal of family life education is to enable individuals and families to function optimally using a primarily preventive approach.
Four Child and Family Studies majors presented MULTI-SESSION Family Life Education programs to various groups in central Ohio.  CFS Seniors Abbey Latham, Katie Mock, Marley McDonough, and Sarah Ebinger all participated in this final project before their graduation from AU on May 7th. 

Katie Mock taught Conflict Management to 3rd Graders. 

Katie interacts with 3rd grade students in a lesson on conflict management.

Abbey Latham developed a program titled Love Lessons: Purity is Possible "Girls Night Out".  Her program targeted girls in grades 7-9 and focused on the importance to equip adolescent girls with the tools they need to make wise decisions.
Abbey leads a session on good decision making.

Abbey's students created notebooks as part of the program.

Sarah Ebinger developed a stress management program titled Balancing Stress Management with Work and Family, and presented it to the employees in the Financial Aid office at Ashland University.  She taught them how to find ways to manage their stress levels in the work force and also in relation to their home lives.

Marley McDonough presented family life education while interacting with young toddler and pre-school aged children and their mothers.  Her project focused on family similarities and differences.

Marley reads The Napping House to her group.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dr. David Vanata, Sarah Ebinger, and mentor Dr. Cindy Moseman
FCS Senior Completes AU Honors Program

Child and Family Studies major Sarah Ebinger satisfactorily defended her honors thesis on May 4.  This challenging program was developed to provide academically talented students cross-disciplinary experiences as well as special projects and courses to challenge the mind. 

Sarah recently completed the Honors Capstone Project and defended her thesis, titled "Does a Private University Help International Students Socially Adjust?"  Her in-depth original project was mentored by Dr. Cindy Moseman, Chairperson for the Family & Consumer Sciences Department.  Congratulations, Sarah!  FCS is very proud of you!