Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reuse, Recycle, REVIVE

In fashion,” Green is the new Black.”  This year’s Fashion Promotion Class promoted the Green Theme  in its second annual Eco-Friendly Fashion show, Reuse, Recycle, REVIVE.  The show was the highlight of Ashland University’s Earth Week 2011.  Over 400 people were in attendance.

Craig Hadsell with his dress model
It was directed by Fashion Merchandising majors Lauren Schweitzer and Craig Hadsell. 

The show featured a Design Competition which exhibited creative and carefully crafted designs by Fashion Merchandising students.  The garments were required to be made of reused or recycled materials.  Thirty-three interesting designs were submitted made from such things as coffee filters, trash bags, newspaper, and old graduation gowns.  The Design Competition winners included:
Young Designer Award:  7 year old Lillian Grose for her design using recycled garments “Fashion Fool”
Honorable Mention:  Craig Hadsell, for his design using a recycled gown “Sexy in  
"Flowers In Bloom" Dress
the City” (pictured left)
3rd Place:  Erin Alleman, for her garment covered in recycled artificial flowers ”In Bloom”

2nd Place:  Hannah Brown, for her cocktail dress made of recycled Victoria’s Secret bags  “Victoria’s Secret is out”

"Victoria's Secret is Out" Dress

1st Place:  Meredith Parker, for her strapless dress  made of coconut fiber “Nature’s Awakening”

"Nature's Awakening" Dress

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